Step 1:

Login on  , which is the only official website of the Hotbit . Click on the top right corner of the page and login your account at Hotbit.


Step 2: After logging into your account, click on the personal assets in the top right corner, then click the button of deposit&withdrawal.

Step 3: After entering the deposit and withdrawal page, click "Epay Deposits and Withdrawals" to deposit USD.

Please fill in your deposit amount in the deposit column and click the "Agree" button to submit.

Notice: USD single deposit will be arrived after being deducted 1% transaction fee, and USD deposit below 1USD will not be credited.

Step 4: After you click "Submit", the system will jump to the payment interface as shown:

You can fill in your Epay account and password on this interface to log in and pay.

Step 5:After the payment is completed and when you return to the Hotbit main interface,you will see the below interpage. If you have completed the payment, please click on "I have already paid" to complete the deposit.